Our comprehensive worldwide insurance policy for families on the move

Your family means the world to you and if they are joining you on your adventures abroad, you want to ensure their safety and security any way you can. This includes ensuring you have the appropriate insurance coverage for your nearest and dearest.

Expat & Co’s Global Family Insurance policy offers the best possible protection if you, your partner or children have a sudden, unexpected illness or injury during long term travels for leisure, study or professional reasons. If you need to see a doctor, or if you are hospitalized, Expat & Co will help you in every possible way.

As our Global Family Insurance package is based on our groundbreaking Chameleon Principle© you can be sure you are always getting the very best of private insurance coverage at the most interesting price.  Working as a Top-Up plan to local social security you no longer have to pay twice, as you are already partially covered.  We simply top off the rest.  If you’re not covered by your local health care system then simply switch your plan to Full Cover to continue enjoying full private insurance protection.  Thanks to its flexible nature Global Family Insurance can easily be adapted or added to depending on your changing needs.

Global Family Insurance is based on our Chameleon Principle©


With our Global Family Insurance (GFI) you’ll enjoy complete peace of mind with five different types of insurance brought together under one single package.  Additionally you can add three further optional modules to enhance your package if you so wish:

  • Medical Costs;
  • Assistance Abroad;
  • Accident;
  • Goods;
  • Private Liability.
  • Cancellation;
  • Term Life;
  • Sports.
  • Direct payment of all hospital bills;
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals;
  • Full cover;
  • Professional and efficient reimbursement service;
  • Worldwide coverage for all types of travel: leisure, study and business.